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ProCab is a leading manufacturer of cables and wires

Highly qualified staff and modern equipment of leading companies in Germany, Finland, Japan and Turkey, equipped with full automation and control systems, provide producing high quality products.

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APvV cables have very low electrical loss compare ...

47 557,00 sum

PvV cables have very low electrical loss compare ...

85 777,00 sum

PVC insulated power cables is suitable for laying ...

5 692,00 sum

This cable is highly strong against mechanical outer ...

60 987,00 sum

Conductor widely used in power transmission and distribution ...

29 588,00 sum

Used as connection cables,in dry and humid places ...

3 646,00 sum

Installation in walls, on boards and in channels ...

3 187,00 sum

This product is used as hanging cable, drawing ...

6 186,00 sum

Used in closed and dry areas, switch and ...

5 856,00 sum

This type of cable is used in structured ...

1 729,00 sum

PVC insulated power cables is suitable for laying ...

7 785,00 sum

Latest news

Procab in partnership with Apple


ProCab officially included in the list of Apple's suppliers in Uzbekistan. We applied in December for Apple supplier status...

Happy new year!


On behalf of the company Procab we wish you a Happy New Year! Let the new year will be for you a year of success and performance ...

International fair


Our Company first participated in the IX International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange. The exhibition made an unforgettable...

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